Wish You Knew How to Make More Sales?

You have your website and social media profiles.You have your products. They are ready to go and priced to sell. You've launched your brand to the world.....but if no one sees it, how can you make a sale? 

Use this 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale to take positive actions toward making that first one!

  • 50 actions you can take each day to build momentum
  • Written for momprenuers and business owners alike, but easy to follow
  • Maintain energy and motivation in your business
  • Balance your time so you don't feel guilty
  • Keep up with connecting with people on little time

“I couldn't have done it with you - if I did attempt it, it would have taken a long time to accomplish what we accomplished together...”  


"A better way to market business that produced more consistency and better growth results. Meredith & I built my social media accounts, analyzed my competitors, targeted content, sold more products, built bigger teams, and targeted audiences."